Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life au Retro Cam

Here are some photos that I snapped in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Stormy weather in Seattle. View from our terrace. 

Elizabeth swaddled my stuffed doggy, Baxter, with my baby blanket.
Yes,  I am a 20 year old who sleeps with a stuffed animal and baby blanket. Judge me if you will. 

Free pancakes from IHOP with Courtney and Kylee. 

Gorgeous sunset in Seattle. 

Watching TV with the little boy I babysit. Sometimes (usually) he only wears his diaper. 

One of my to-do lists. I had important things to do that night. 

Vanilla latte from Roy Street Coffee & Tea with Courtney and Natalie.
Such a great place to study and one of my new favorite coffee shops. 

Little boy Toms. So precious. I think I could almost fit in them. 


  1. this is why the blog world needs you. who else posts content that is quite like this??!?

  2. Gorgeousness. I miss ihop pancakes. And I hear droid is getting instagram, is this true?!