Friday, March 16, 2012

Bye, winter.

Winter quarter is over. I am done with my classes. I am one single, tiny, 10 week quarter away from being done with college for a long time. I have never thought seriously about going to grad school, but now that I am so close to potentially being forever done with school that idea sounds so much more appealing. Sometimes the idea of not being in school is the scariest, other times it sounds like a dream.
Right now it sounds like a dream, which is perfect since Spring Break is finally here and in two days time, I will be on my way to San Diego and hopefully, the sun!

City Data

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life au Retro Cam

Here are some photos that I snapped in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Stormy weather in Seattle. View from our terrace. 

Elizabeth swaddled my stuffed doggy, Baxter, with my baby blanket.
Yes,  I am a 20 year old who sleeps with a stuffed animal and baby blanket. Judge me if you will. 

Free pancakes from IHOP with Courtney and Kylee. 

Gorgeous sunset in Seattle. 

Watching TV with the little boy I babysit. Sometimes (usually) he only wears his diaper. 

One of my to-do lists. I had important things to do that night. 

Vanilla latte from Roy Street Coffee & Tea with Courtney and Natalie.
Such a great place to study and one of my new favorite coffee shops. 

Little boy Toms. So precious. I think I could almost fit in them. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We are all sinners

JESUS RECEIVED, BLESSED, ate with, and even commended many of these sinners [tax collectors, the religiously unobservant, prostitutes, and other "obvious" sinners] against the “upstanding” of the day. He touched, healed, and raised many of the unclean. In sum, he was Light to those who dwelled in the shadows of societal isolation. He regarded those on society’s margins as persons and treated them as God’s own children. 
During Lent we may vow to identify and repent of the ways we have helped deepen the shadows — or just hidden our faces from those who dwell there. We may determine to search the dark corners of our families, workplaces, churches, and towns, in hopes of bringing light, revealing the faces of those easily ignored. We may seek ways to go to the margins to find some more of the ones he loved so much — and if we do, we may find Jesus there with them. 
If we make such courageous gestures we will be strengthened and guided by remembering the time and ways in which we ourselves, in dark and lonely times, were graciously sought and found by Jesus. His continual coming to us is our abiding invitation to be agents of his merciful seeking in the world. 
-Thomas R. Steagald
Shadows, Darkness, and Dawn

Originally posted here.

This is so true and so humbling. It's my job as a follower of Jesus to seek out and love everyone. Even the people who are scary and intimidating and seem "bad." I am no better than them and we are equals in God's eyes.