Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday, three (Courtney, Breegan and Elizabeth) of my five roommates and I decided to rearrange our main floor as a Valentine's Day treat. The main floor of our house has the kitchen, dinning room, family room and one of the bedrooms. We only moved around the family room, but it changed the atmosphere so much. Before the TV and a large chair were pushed into one corner and we had Elizabeth's keyboard in another corner. We decided to move the keyboard downstairs and move the large chair to where the keyboard used to be. I had to leave in the middle of the project but when I came home, I didn't even know what to do because it looked so cute and cozy.

The large chair in its new spot 

Coffee table, flowers from Baron and fresh place for the TV

Dinner table and red tulips from Elizabeth's mom

Festive details 

View from the smaller sofa

Bigger couch and art 

Close up of our artsy wall 

Em's flowers from her dad and Court's cutesy picture frame
I love rearranging because it makes a room feel like new and it's so refreshing. I feel like I am in a whole new place and that is something that I love. Now I want to move around every room in our house. But for now I won't. :)


  1. so. great. it looks festive and relaxing and super cutesy.

  2. you are really making me miss seattle! looks so cute and cozy. i really love every little comfy detail, jane.

  3. cool rearrangements, i like the chalkboard thing with happy valentines day on it

  4. Looking good! I like to rearrange things every once in a while to mix things up. :)